Thursday, October 7, 2010

"William Carlos Williams: Poet and Gyno" Review

In 1950, poet William Carlos Williams gave a reading at UCLA. 60 years later, Director Adrian Garcia adapted a chunk of that reading into a one-minute animated short about gynecology. Charming drawings and spot on comedic timing highlight the hidden poetry, so to speak, of this ill-fated audio clip.

This seems to be an interesting case of found film, almost akin to the poetic concept of found poetry, and hearkens back to the Saturday Night Live, TV Funhouse: Fun with Real Audio. Though the topic is a bit blue, this short is not. There is an odd dignity to the plot, an older doctor teaching a younger one about the practice of feminine medicine in the voice of William Carlos Williams.

We can learn a little something from this film. Sometimes it’s less about what’s being said and more about saying it with authority. That is what can truly set the tone for a situation.

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  1. I've seen this.Very niiice!!
    Keep on keepin' on Adrian!