Friday, October 8, 2010

"UnderCover" Review

Nada Assad wants to be an effective detective, but the dudes on the police force don’t understand what’s it’s like for her working with them. No, not because she’s a woman in a man’s world. She’s a Muslim in a world where people work on Fridays, don’t pray at work, eat pork, and don’t wear clothes that could get caught in heavy machinery. A world that’s not always sensitive to her beliefs and, in fact, barely understands them.

When Nada (Aline Elasmar) and her bungling partner (Mark Odlum) get assigned to the case of the missing pig, she gets the chance to prove she doesn’t have to compromise what she believes to be a good cop. Her religion even turns out to be an asset, the key to helping her solve the case. Maybe she’ll finally make detective!

“UnderCover” is a ridiculous and heart-felt film. The quality of the shots is warm, the soundtrack quirky, and the cast well chosen. Director Iman K. Zawahry delicately blends the sacred with the irreverent so that the film’s message of tolerance is never preachy. A family friendly tale about accepting people for who they are on the inside rather than what they wear on the outside.

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