Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Commercial Free TV" Review

So, you've got a script to sell. You need a pitch, something to quickly orient people to your plot, theme, and genre. Try comparing your script to known films, like this: "My movie will be like Star Wars crossed with Weekend at Bernie's," or "Think Fight Club meets Lord of the Rings." See? Simple.

In the comedy short, "Commercial Free TV," writer/director Barrett Windish presents four commercial parodies, all of which so closely resemble the commercials they mock, the audience can practically write Windish's pitches for him. One smacks of a Dr. Scholls Gel Insoles ad, but it's twisted and so very wrong. Another, also the product of a deviant mind, is the sort of daytime commercial one would expect to be shilling a new toy or cleaning gadget, but it... doesn't.

With local access style and SNL humor, all "Commercial Free TV" commercials run the gambit from just gross to outright vulgar and offensive. All told, however, "Commercial Free TV" is funny, strongly recommended for those who enjoy South Park, Reno 911, and any sketch comedy that goes just a little too far. Good quality, good script, good acting. Ronald Clarkson and Barrett Windish give expert performances as the commercial announcers, and Carol Brotman has a couple of wacky appearances.

Fun. But not for the whole family.

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