Sunday, October 17, 2010

"A Track Shun" Review

"A Track Shun," sounds like "attrac-tion." The opening scene of this comedic short is a guy jogging on a track in the park, so one might assume the film will follow two people who fall in love on a jogging track. Well, that's almost right, as in they almost fall in love. They even almost get to know each other. This messed up jog is no walk in the park!

Writer/Driector Brian Maillard delivers an over the top funny film that pokes fun at all the reasons we fall in love, all the myths and superstitions we believe about finding that special person, all the while ignoring reason and common sense. "A Track Shun" examines how people will set aside their better judgment to stay together, but yet let the stupidest stuff pull them apart. As actors, Brian Maillard and Brantley Aufill start silly, keep it unexpected and finish strong. This film is simple, unexpected, and really funny. A great watch.

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