Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Layabouts, "Corrupted Scene Behind the Stage" Review

Spanish rock band, Layabouts, serves up a raw track with top 40-style in this music video for their song, “Corrupted Scene Behind the Stage.” With creepy use of colors and imagery, this video’s sense of duality is as driving as the beat.

The duality of an individual is a frequent theme in rock music. Here, director Ivan Mena Tinoco focuses on the interplay between the refined and the raw, presenting those two sides of each band member as existing simultaneously yet independently of each other. Water is the common thread throughout the video, appearing either explicitly or implicitly whenever these two sides of the self appear together. Its presence almost seems to suggest that there is something elemental yet fluid to what connects these two halves of the whole, something necessary yet illusive.

Though a Spanish band, the Layabouts, "Corrupted Scene Behind the Stage," has a very American vibe. With a strong musical and visual presence, this music video piques one's interest not only in the music of the Layabouts band, but also in the other work of director Ivan Mena Tinoco.

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