Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Beast of Bottomless Lake Review

From the first bubbly graphics to the last burst of flame, The Beast of Bottomless Lake is one mockumentary that’s well worth the time.

Professor Paul Moran’s search for the Ogopogo lake monster is pointless. His dean knows it. That’s why she’s denying him tenure just as soon as he gets back from his stupid monster hunting trip with his mish-mash of colleagues. From the British weirdo who talks to his equipment to the hippie professor who encourages species conservation with “extreme prejudice,” there’s not a normal in the bunch.

The expedition gets off to a great start, until they try to leave the parking lot. Then things get rolling… until Dean Baxter cancels their hotel reservation and the entire team is forced to bunk down with Paul’s parents. Paul (David Nykl) starts reverting to a childlike state, which doesn’t help matters. But then things really start going well, until their first monster sighting turns out to be a log and the police confiscate their van and all their equipment.

Basically, nothing’s going well for Paul and his team. But after a while, one has to wonder, is all this mayhem just because Paul’s an idiot? Or is something else going on? Something sinister?

Good plots are all about tension, and co-writer/director Craig March makes sure “The Beast of Bottomless Lake” is full of it. From the tension between the characters to the endless questions, the audience wants to know what will happen next: Will Paul find the monster? What could possibly go wrong now? Will Paul’s poor dad ever get to help? Good acting, great script, and fresh camera work that keeps the story moving.

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  1. Hi Alesha,

    I don't know how this review ever managed to miss my endless searching for reviews of "Beast."
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Co-writer, producer, and co-star - Kennedy Goodkey