Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Project Life" Review

"Project Life" is a short comedic mock with a simple goal, to unify the world's religions... by destroying them all at once.

Here's a little of the doctrine from this new, one-true religion: Life is a movie, which we've all suspected for quite some time. What we could have never guessed, however, is exactly who is behind the scenes. God is there; that's an easy one. He is, of course, the top man at Universe Studios. Jesus works there too. So does Buddha, John Smith, Satan, L. Ron Hubbard, Abraham, Kali, "Moe," and the Geico Caveman. All just crew members on the movie set. They're trying to make a good movie on this sound stage of the cosmos. And they're failing.

For those who feel confused sometimes, "Project Life" answers the big questions, like "Why are the world's religions so fractured?" "Why is God so conspicuously absent?" and "How did the world go so freaking wrong anyway?" Co-writer/Director Jason Paul answers all these questions and more in a neat fifteen minutes. Though this short is filled with hilarious religious irreverence, it is ultimately Hollywood, not religion, that gets the most char from this fun-filled roast.

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