Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Edimmu Review

Eva (Eva Schran) is hosting a travel documentary about Jordan, a country of relative calm and safety in the very center of the war-torn Middle East. She swims, dances, and gets pampered at spas that rival those in the west, exploring castles and caves, walking through thousands of years of history. The minute the cameras shut off, however, Eva is haunted.

The perky, carefree travel host unravels and very soon whether the camera is on or off makes no difference anymore.
Is Jordan's dark history catching up to her, thousands of souls of the violently dead passing on their torment? Or is there just something very wrong with Eva?

Edimmu is a deadly serious foray into a world no foreigner can or should truely understand, one of hateful desert spirits. The imagery of the dirt, mud and sand, of Eva always looking under her bed, conjure images of something buried, dead or lost, that refuses to stay gone. Schizophrenic and disturbing, Edimmu is a brilliantly acted and superbly real masterpiece of foreign suspense/horror.

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