Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Heels to the Pavement" Review

It can be tempting, when you have a really great idea, to try to make it into a feature film. You’ll tack on extra characters and subplots and digressions until your idea is stretched so thin it’s not really a good idea any more. What a shame. “Heels to the Pavement” does not make that mistake. This mockumentary takes a good idea, quirky power walkers, and develops it into an entertaining short film.

Nerdy Peter wants to be a power walker. Hard-driving Deb is a power walker. Howard is a legendary power walker. People tell him all the time, he is definitely a legend in his own eyes. They’re all competing in the town power walk in the spring, but it’ll take a lot of training to be the champion. When Howard decides to take Peter under his wing, teach him the ways of the champion, it’s hard to tell who’s getting the better deal, terrified Peter or loud mouth Howard. All the while Deb, icy and focused, strives to take them both down. When the day of the walk comes, however, something unexpected happens.

Director Zachary Mattson catches moments of organic interaction between the characters to make the most of his script. Every scene is cute and adds something substantial to the story. Even Deb’s foray to The Big City for training doesn’t seem like a huge rabbit trail. It was quick, visual, and cracked a few good jokes. What could have been a time waster was actually fun. “Heels to the Pavement” is a textbook comedic mock with a lot to offer.

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