Monday, September 13, 2010


Beautifully photographed and immaculately scored, “The Last Night” takes the viewer on a Latin flavored voyeur voyage through expectation and deception. The films writer/director Brad Cruz delivers a raw and sexy cautionary tale, redefining old ideas of risky behavior.

Alejandro, (Augusto Valverde) is the perfect man, chivalrous, sensitive, and successful with powerful features and a chiseled body. Of course, like most perfect men, he’s too good to be true. No sooner does his fiancé call to cancel a date because of a last minute babysitting emergency than Alejandro gets ready to hit the town. He soon finds a beautiful companion to share his evening, but even from their first encounter, the whole thing is a little too perfect. Alejandro soon learns that this night will be much more than he could have anticipated.

Cruz does a wonderful job of making sure every detail of the film lends itself to the mood of the moment, creating a strong sense of place and time. He doesn’t shirk from the grim details of the plot as men and women switch roles in this bizarre power struggle. “The Last Night,” is sensually evocative, and is at once both thought provoking and a cheap dirty thrill.

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