Thursday, September 30, 2010

"I Work In Public" Film Review

When the work gets tough, the touch get working. That’s what recently laid off corporate man, Julian, believes. Blending performance art and innovative thinking, Julian (played by Julian Osen) sets up shop as an open air administrative assistant in the middle of busy Downtown… right on the sidewalk. His boundless workspace comes complete with desk, water cooler, and coat rack. Cash strapped execs walk by, take advantage of the services Julian offers, then walk away and get on the rest of their day. Everyone saves money. No one pays overhead because there is no overhead!

Though Julian’s brilliant plan to work in public may not be the answer to worldwide economic woes, this short film by writer/direct by Matt Judge, has a hopeful message: There’s always room for creative solutions. Upbeat, fun, and well done “I Work In Public,” is an innovative mockumentary that succeeds brilliantly in eliminating the walls between mock reality and the real world, quite literally in this case!

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