Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Beyond the Music" Review

When making an indie film, it's important to know the size of one's idea. In this 'bigger is better' culture, it can be hard to convince passionate filmmakers that less is more. Often they take an idea and stretch it thin, until it becomes too big for its britches. "Beyond the Music," is a cute one-liner about a narcoleptic rock band stretched too far. The few funny scenes of the film, mostly physical humor, were so separated by filler that one joke was forgotten before the next came along.

In addition, the overall quality of the film was too low for a convincing Behind the Music parody. Luck for filmmakers, primo quality is not required for a mockumentary. In that way, it's a very forgiving genre. The film's quality, however, must match whatever it's mocking. "Beyond the Music" would have been much better served as a commercial for "The Narcoleptics'" TV special rather than as the TV special itself. Condensing the best moments would give "Beyond the Music" a punch it currently lacks.

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